Our first site gathering is finally underway, with plenty of drama and tension coming to a head! As well as that, there's a clan meeting up for a desperate Ashclan as a newcomer arrives to fill Hogsnout's void. All high ranks have been filled (congrats to those who got the spots <3) and we've got a few things cooking for cats of the Tribe, so keep an eye out for that! Hope everyone's having a great summer!

Voting for OTMs has closed for the month of July! Nominations for next month will be announced at a later date. The season has also been changed to GREEN-LEAF! Have fun role playing in the new hot weather, feel free to write about how miserable shedding is, and let's see to a great summer! As always, questions and suggestions are more than welcomed wither through discord, PMs on site, or in our Questions and suggestions thread. There are also still some open high ranks that need to be filled, so give them a look over and consider applying!

Please welcome Bee and Lady as new members of the staff team!! Feel free to approach them with questions or concerns, we look forward to working with you! OTM nominations have been closed and voting for July has begun, so get your votes in! We still have some open high ranks that need to be filled, but a Gathering is in the works nonetheless and will hopefully come about in the very near future. As always if you have any ideas you'd like to share, get in touch!

Things have slowed down a bit with the time of year, but we are ready to jump into summer and have fun! We've posted an activity check for the next week and a half, be sure to post in it if you'd like to stick around and keep your account active! After the check, we would love to move forward with the gathering as well as start implementing some new plots and ideas!

The activity check is now over!!! Accounts that didn't reply have been moved to the inactive member group, but feel free to message staff if you want to be moved back!! Two high ranks have opened, deputy and medicine cat in AshClan! Please consider applying! Gatherings won't occur until high ranks are filled!

It is now New-Leaf on MOT!

Hello everyone! We've got a new skin up, if you notice anything weird on the site please give us a heads up as we're still trying to tweak everything and may have missed something when moving to the new layout. We've put an activity check up that will be open for a week; please be sure to reply to this if you want to keep your characters! If you're unable to reply to the check or are having activity problems, please reach out to us. After the check and the old characters/bios/threads have been cleaned out, we will continue from there to grow our site even more.

Happy New Year, MOT!!! We have an activity check up so please check that out to keep your account and characters safe. Almost all high ranks are filled, with just the Head Hunter remaining, so definitely look into applying so we can move towards holding our first Gathering! We are super excited with the activity we had been building, and would love to keep that momentum going into the new semester!

It is now Leaf-Bare on MOT!

The activity check is over! We have an announcement up here where you can earn shop items that would otherwise need to be bought! We want to welcome all the new members that have joined in the last week or so, and encourage all members to look at the open high ranks to see if any position catches your eye! We are more than excited to roleplay with everyone!

We hope that everyone who celebrates it has had a great Thanksgiving! This weekend we have decided to do some cleaning around the site and to hopefully make things a little easier to understand in regards to information threads and high rank auditions. To do that, we are doing a small activity check that will only last a few days so that we can implement those changes. Please be sure to post there with what characters/wips you wanna keep!

We've been open for a little over a month now, and role playing is beginning to pick up! We're currently brainstorming ideas of IC events that could take place in the future, so if you've got any ideas feel free to toss them at us. High ranks are still open with no current end date, though we've been getting a few auditions, so get yours in! Available high ranks can be found here.

MOT is now open! Feel free to stop in and chat with us, poke around, and make yourself at home! Here is the list of all currently available high ranks.


 Posted: Dec 17 2016, 12:49 AM

I. MoT has a minimum word count of 150.

II. This is a one-account-per-character site, meaning you will first make your ooc account and then create separate accounts for each of your characters as they are accepted. Please register your accounts in ALL LOWER-CASE.

III. In-character drama is meant to stay in-character and should never cause out-of-character drama. Fighting in-character is not meant to be taken personally as it is not an attack on the person, but their character.

IV. Here at Moment of Truth, we expect all members to respect each other. We are welcoming of any sexual or gender identity, race or religion, and want this to be a fun experience for everyone. If there is any notice of bullying, fighting, or arguing, the admins will get involved and we will stop the confrontation. If someone is making you uncomfortable, please let one of the staff members know.

V. Respecting the authority of the admins is a must. While we appreciate any and all feedback on the issues or happenings of the site, we do have the final say. Fighting with us in a disrespectful manner is an easy way to get yourself banned.

VI. On average, warnings will go out before a member is banned, depending on the severity of their actions.

VII. Members do not have the ability to delete, move, or lock their own thread; if you'd like your thread changed in any of these ways, please request it from one of the admins.

VIII. Cursing is allowed on this site, both in character and out of character. That being said, a cat isn't necessarily going to have the same insults that we do.

IX. Before making a bio please make sure to read all the information provided in the information board and visit the site shop. Certain items must be purchased with points before they can be added to a character .

X. Most importantly, we want you to have fun here at Moment of Truth. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message one of the staff members. It will remain anonymous and only between you two if you wish for it to remain that way.

These rules are subject to change as time goes on, however any major rule changes will always be notified in an announcement at the time of the change so users may remain well informed.

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 Posted: Dec 17 2016, 01:08 AM

I. As mentioned in the general rules, this is a one-account-per-character site, meaning that you will first make your ooc account and then a separate account for each of your characters after their biography is accepted.

II. Character biographies must first be accepted by an admin before they are able to be used IC. Once they are accepted, we will post on their bio thread stating so and then it will be moved to the appropriate forum, located HERE.

III Character images must be stock/Creative Commons. You can only use one cat per character. DO NOT use multiple pictures of different cats to represent your character. For this reason, we recommend image sets to give you multiple images to work with. When making a character, please look at allegiances to make sure the cat is not already in use.

IV. If your biography is not finished completely by the time you post it, please type "wip" somewhere in the title so that we know. When it is finished, please post in THIS THREAD.

V. Fighting IC is allowed to get bloody, but avoid overly-excessive detail to keep all readers comfortable. Winners of fights will be decided by the players of the cats involved, however if the players cannot come to a consensus, the admins will review the fight and more than likely flip a coin to decide the outcome if no winner is immediately obvious.

VI. Character deaths are up to the roleplayer. Unless a kit is fighting against an adult cat or there's some scenario where the odds are obviously unbalanced, deaths through fighting will not occur unless the player of the to-be deceased cat wishes it to happen that way.

VII. If you want to play a truly evil or evil aligned cat, please first get permission from one of the admins before you go ahead with the biography form.

VIII. As mentioned in the general rules, word minimum is 150.

IX. As kits are something a couple must be active to have; pregnant queens cannot be created. Additionally, orphan kits can not be made without permission from the admins.

X. A single player may have up to 2 high ranks. Neither can be the same rank and neither can be in the same Clan. Additionally, if you have a leader in one Clan and a Deputy in another and that Deputy has the opportunity to become leader, you must choose between the two and have one retire, step down, or refuse the position.

XI. Chatspeak is not allowed in IC posts.

XII. Mary/Gary Sue characters will not be accepted. Your character must have flaws. Additionally, you cannot create a character with only flaws. There must be some pros as well.

XIII. Outsiders joining a Clan must get permission from the admins ahead of time before the character is made. You cannot create a character that was born an outsider and write in their history that they joined a Clan without permission.** However, an outsider joining a Clan IC is allowed, though whether or not the cat is accepted is completely up to the will of the leader of that Clan.
** Unless your character is to be a member of The Tribe. As their rules are slightly more lax, they do allow outsiders to join the Clan. However, if your character leaves The Tribe IC, then wishes to rejoin later, it follows the same rules as stated above; whether or not they are accepted back is completely up to the mercy of the leaders.

XIX. Upon joining, you are granted 5 free character slots. If you reach that limit and want more, additional character slots may be bought from the site shop.

XV. Prefixes may be used once per Clan, while full names may only be used once on the site. In the Tribe, 'kit-names' (the nickname the cat uses) and the full name may only be used once. Please check the 'Taken Names' list to make sure the name or prefix is not in use in the Clan you are considering.

These rules are subject to change as time goes on, however any major rule changes will always be notified in an announcement at the time of the change so users may remain well informed.

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 Posted: Aug 28 2017, 09:03 PM

Just use common sense. I'm not gonna list out a bunch of stuff, just think before you say something dumb. No advertising, excessive cursing, fighting, or derogatory or degrading terms.

These rules are subject to change as time goes on, however any major rule changes will always be notified in an announcement at the time of the change so users may remain well informed.

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