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Hello! Since you're here I'd assume that you're interested in applying for one of our high ranks. The application process is simple; create a bio for the cat you'd like to audition with, then fill out the form below and post everything to this thread. Once the we have enough entries for a position, we will close auditions for that rank and choose a character for that slot.

Please refer to THIS THREAD for high rank rules and responsibilities.

Below is a list of all available high ranks.


Medicine Cat


Medicine Cat Apprentice

the tribe

Head Hunter
Head Healer

Below is the application used for your character's audition. Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible and don't be afraid to ask staff with any questions or for help. When finished filling out the below form, post the application here. DO NOT POST A WIP AUDITION TO THIS THREAD.

In regards to the Scenario and Relationships part of the audition, please reply in-character with the cat you are applying with!

You have two options when writing your biography!! You can write the bio as if the cat is a lower rank (warrior/hunter/fighter/healer), get that bio accepted, and then try-out for the position. Alternatively, you can write the bio as though the cat is that position (this works when you want to have had your cat in that position for a long time) and then try-out. Keep in mind, though, the bio will have to be edited if you are not selected. Medicine cats should write the bio as that rank.

Link to bio:


  • With AshClan: What are your character's feelings/opinions/current relationships with AshClan as a whole?
  • With GlassClan: What are your character's feelings/opinions/current relationships with GlassClan as a whole?
  • With The Tribe: What are your character's feelings/opinions/current relationships with The Tribe as a whole?
  • With StarClan: What are your character's feelings/opinions/current relationships with StarClan as a whole?
  • Outsiders: how does your character feel about outsiders, or outsiders joining their Clan?
  • Cross-Clan Relationships: how do they feel about cross-clan relationships and how would they react if it happened in their own clan? How would your character feel about and deal with resulting kits?
  • War and Alliances: how would they react to another clan declaring war on your character's clan? Would they ever declare war themselves, and if so why? On the other hand, how does your character feel about forming alliances with other clans?
  • The Code: how does your character feel about the warrior code? Is it something that should be followed exactly or are rules made to be broken?
  • Prophecies: FOR MED CATS/HEALERS; how does your character feel about prophecies? Would your character ever hide a prophecy or knowledge from StarClan?
  • Helping Others: FOR MED CATS/HEALERS; how does your character feel about helping cats outside of their Clan?
RP sample: use one of the scenarios above to write a role play sample with your character in the role you're auditioning for.

[b]Link to bio:[/b]


[list][*][b]With AshClan:[/b] What are your character's feelings/opinions/current relationships with AshClan as a whole?

[*][b]With GlassClan:[/b] What are your character's feelings/opinions/current relationships with GlassClan as a whole?

[*][b]With The Tribe:[/b] What are your character's feelings/opinions/current relationships with The Tribe as a whole?

[*][b]With StarClan:[/b] What are your character's feelings/opinions/current relationships with StarClan as a whole?


[list][*][b]Outsiders:[/b] how does your character feel about outsiders, or outsiders joining their Clan?

[*][b]Cross-Clan Relationships:[/b] how do they feel about cross-clan relationships and how would they react if it happened in their own clan? How would your character feel about and deal with resulting kits?

[*][b]War and Alliances:[/b] how would they react to another clan declaring war on your character's clan? Would they ever declare war themselves, and if so why? On the other hand, how does your character feel about forming alliances with other clans?[/list]

[*][b]The Code:[/b] how does your character feel about the warrior code? Is it something that should be followed exactly or are rules made to be broken?[/list]

[*][b]Prophecies:[/b] FOR MED CATS/HEALERS; how does your character feel about prophecies? Would your character ever hide a prophecy or knowledge from StarClan? [/list]

[*][b]Helping Others:[/b] FOR MED CATS/HEALERS; how does your character feel about helping cats outside of their Clan? [/list]

[b]RP sample:[/b] use one of the scenarios above to write a role play sample with your character in the role you're auditioning for.

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 Posted: Dec 18 2017, 03:52 PM

Link to bio: Female - Blueheart - Glassclan

  • With AshClan: "They were a desperate bunch and a cat will do stupid things in desperation. The first generation of Ashclanners made that mistake, now Littlestar and the rest of them have to live with it. Sad, really, but their home is on stolen ground."
  • With GlassClan: "We're the inheritors of what the Twolegs left for us after they all died. We do what we can when we can, all just to bring everyone into tomorrow. I love them all and would give them the world if I could."
  • With The Tribe: "I don't honestly know how to feel about the tribe. Some of them have traitor's blood in them, they turned on Glassclan and the warrior code. But the rest have lineage to our invaders. Despite all this, all they want is peace with everyone. I admire their resolve, but peace is something you have to maintain with hard work and resolve, you don't run from things that threaten it and just expect them to not chase you. I doubt they know that, even now...."
  • With StarClan: "Haven't seen, heard or smelt them, just of them. Do I believe in life after death and a final destination..? I'll worry about that when the time comes."
  • Outsiders: "You can never tell with a cat who has grown outside of the Glasclan, Ashclan or the tribe, can you? it depends on the cat at that point if you're going to push them away or not. At least with Ashclan I know where I stand. With a rogue..? I don't know... Maybe."
  • Cross-Clan Relationships: "This one's kind of... Close to me. Can I blame a cat for finding friendship or even love outside of Glassclan? No, maybe that she-cat or tom that's right for me is out there too. If it happened to me, or someone in Glassclan? Just... Make sure it doesn't hurt anyone, or make an issue. As for the kits that'd come of that, well, they didn't get to pick their mother or father. Mixed lineage aside, raise them as warriors of the clan of their mother."
  • War and Alliances: "If we went to war with Ashclan right now.. Or the Tribe? Fight offensively, but keep the option for peace open. The enemy would need to understand that we're not monsters. Now if I was Glassclan's leader, I don't think I'd go looking for any fights, myself. Finish them? Definitely. Alliances on the other hand... Maybe try to forge something of a pact with the tribe. Those tunnels would help a lot against Ashclan. As for Ashclan, egh... So long as they don't do anything stupid, they can keep sitting on that stolen ground for all I'm worried about."
  • The Code: "The Code is the very founding principles of what makes Glassclan what it is. Strong, unwavering, virtuous... It's simple, but a warrior's judgement matters a lot too. Sometimes you can't always just push away the trespasser, they're trespassing for a reason and it might not be to steal prey from us. Like I said before, The Code is the foundation of Glassclan, its the job of the leader and their warriors to build on that foundation. Make it mean something."
  • Prophecies: N/A
  • Helping Others: N/A

RP sample: It'd been late, past dusk, the full moon lingered over the old church Glassclan made into its den and the cold leaf bare's wind failed to nip at those who had chosen or been chosen to remain behind during the brief meeting. Blueheart had been asked by Chalkstar to stay behind, reports of some mighty predators leaving the leader nervous about leaving the camp without an authority figure to keep things under control should something happen. Thus, she remained in stoic vigilance with the warriors who were still in camp. It would've been an uneventful night as well if her brother, Icestorm, wouldn't have shown up with a shecat unmistakably heavy with a litter. The molly wasn't one she could identify as Glassclan by scent, no, they smelled like a Tribe cat. There was confusion, surprise, a bit of anger. Why would Icestorm bring a cat in such a tender state out of her tribe's territory and lure her over into Glassclan? The explanation was simple, the molly was someone Icestorm had taken a fancy to and the plump belly on display was the result of that. But only a moon, or even less, away from kitting, the tribe cat had the bright idea to change allegiances in order to bring her kits into the world with both parents on call and under the bright and warm sun instead of the pitch darkness of the tunnels. This was definitely a drastic move and the expressions of those around Blueheart told the Deputy one simple thing, they'd be fine with her staying if only to keep the unborn safe. Faces and postures examined gave Blueheart enough time in pause to formulate something in her head, "Chalkstar will hold a final verdict over your fate," She began to explain to the tribe cat, "but Glassclan won't turn you away when you clearly need help simply getting around. Otherwise we might as well leave you on a high perch surrounded by the dogs that've been rummaging through our territory as of late.. Find a nest in the nursery and rest your sore paws." With the she-cat dealt with, attention gravitated toward IceStorm in turn. "Since you're the cause of all this trouble, you go make the nest and bring her prey." (Disclaimer : This scenario's only used as an example ^~^ It's not canon in Moment of Truth and is purely hypothetical for the purposes of the RP sample.)
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 Posted: Dec 19 2017, 12:06 AM

Link to bio: Ocean that Reflects the Stars - the Tribe - Head Healer

  • With AshClan: Some sympathy, but mostly neutral. Her opinions on the clans is relatively low, as she finds their quarrelsome nature distasteful. She believes they would all be better off merging rather than sticking to their own. There is some fondness for AshClan - they were true forest clan cats, once, and that is respectable to her in a story-book fantasy sort of way - but just like GlassClan, their warmongering is looked down upon.
  • With GlassClan: Foolish. While is polite to the other Clans, she privately finds their drive to be independent futile and immature, like a kitten throwing a tantrum. She does not understand why they wouldn't wish to end the bloodshed and simply join together in peace. GlassClan in particular seems quite rude to her, as she believes they are the cause of this unrest for simply not wanting to share.
  • With The Tribe: Incredibly warm. No one can doubt Ocean loves the Tribe - she wants what's best for it, after all. She believes they are in the right - the clans should have merged, to share this vast territory in peace, not remain split and warring uselessly. She treasures their peace and is incredibly proud of them, and shows a great interest in all the factions. Even though she is a bit misguided, the Tribe is Ocean's home and she just wants to see it flourish without this backdrop of war.
  • With StarClan: Ocean sees herself as quite a spiritually-connected cat, however, her feelings are far more complicated than that. She is aware they make mistakes, and she believes she can bend fate if given enough forewarning. She does not believe they are all-knowing, but they do hold insight only the dead can have, which she finds incredibly useful. She often asks for advice, and searches for answers in her dreams. Still, though she reveres them, she is also not above twisting their words or using their connection with her to manipulate others.
  • Outsiders: Wary, but welcoming. There are very few reasons she'd ever turn a cat down, and while at first she'd feel some suspicion, as they begin fitting in, she is not likely to reject them, instead praising them for making the 'right' choice.
  • Cross-Clan Relationships: She is terribly lax, and even privately encouraging. She sees little dishonor bringing new blood into the Tribe - they need it to thrive, after all. Still, she tends to keep her true opinions to herself and just act sympathetically, trying to subtly lessen any harsher judgement on the pair or kits.
  • War and Alliances: She is not one to shy away from war - should it come upon them or she feels compelled to call for it herself. At the same time, her goal is to merge the clans - to 'end war', as she sees it, and would prefer to do that peacefully. Alliances are good to have and preferred than battle, but otherwise trivial to her in the long run.
  • The Code: Ocean follows the code loosely, to say the least. She believes bits to be out-dated, but isn't above manipulating words of the code in order to solve an issue. In the end, however, she values her own judgement of a situation above any ancient spoken words.
  • Prophecies: Prophecies and omens are incredibly important to Ocean. While she values them highly, she is not above hiding or interpreting them as she sees fit - for better or for worse.
  • Helping Others: She is always willing to help - and to remind others of their debts, should she need to.

RP sample:

(I'm so sorry, this got long. orz)

Herbs had gone missing recently - just a few, but enough of them that Ocean had decided to stay up late one night while the rest of her faction slept, tucked under the seats where they hid their herbs. Though she yearned for sleep - for dreaming - her curiosity kept her alert, waiting in the shadows of the den to see if their little thief might make an appearance. The den's air was thick with floral scent, masking that of whoever had been in there before - but also her own as she waited. It was a little past midnight when a shuffling at the entrance to the storage warned her of company.

The brown tom nearly jumped out of his skin at the sight of her, blue eyes flashing in the dim lighting. She shushed him as he began to sputter out excuses - nothing close to the truth she suspected. He's so frazzled, the poor thing, she thought, hiding her amusement.

"Acorn Resting in the Shade," She said quietly, trying to ease his nerves with a gentle smile. So it was one of her own faction. The thought was unpleasant, but she held her judgement for now. There was more to this mystery than just finding the suspect. Ocean gave him a once-over, cowering in the entrance. He always was a jumpy tom, she mused.

"I suppose I should ask why you are here, but I have a theory or two." Ocean tapped her paw gently on a few piles of leaves, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Fennel, Ragwort... Raspberry Leaves. We don't have any expecting queens right now, so where are these herbs going, I wonder?"

She watched the tom's face blanch, his shoulders slumping. He began to mumble his story - a she-cat from GlassClan, his mate. She was with kit - his kits - and she had yet to alert anyone, nor did she want to. She was struggling with pain - she was too scared to leave and come to the Tribe, so he had been meeting her half-way. Ocean softened her gaze, nodding sympathetically as the tom finished. What a terrible situation, she thought, though already a bit of excitement fluttered within her. She could fix this.

"I see." She said slowly, glancing at the neat piles of leaves kept under the seats. "How close is she?"

Acorn squinted before claiming roughly a moon or so off. She had only begun to show signs. She was frightened, alone - her sister already seemed to suspect something, and she feared their secret would be outed soon. Ocean nodded, a plan already forming.

"The poor thing. We will have to do our best to make her welcome, then."

"We?" Acorn nearly choked out.

"I will speak with the other heads in the morning." Ocean was confident she could plead the couple's case well enough to bend her co-leader's wills. What cats would say no to a promising addition of kittens? Perhaps Acorn would be punished - apprentice duties for a few moons - and his mate would need some adjusting to Tribe life - but in the end, she was certain things would go smoothly. At least, with her helping them along. "Find her in the afternoon, Acorn, bring her to the border and I will meet you two there myself. Perhaps a more formal invitation might quell her fears."

The tom's eyes were wide. "Do you truly mean that?"

Ocean gave him a reassuring smile, tilting her head ever so slightly. "Of course. Do not fret any longer, Acorn. I will take care of everything."
 Posted: Dec 19 2017, 08:51 PM

with auditions received for GLASSCLAN DEPUTY and TRIBE HEAD HEALER we will give remaining members 3 DAYS (12/22) to express interest in auditioning for these positions before closing applications


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 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 09:00 AM

Link to bio: Nightstorm - AshClan Medicine Cat

  • With AshClan: For their Clan, Nightstorm functions as a cog in the machine - a cog that works its hardest to keep it up and running. The comparison to machinery is especially apt in the way that they relate to their Clanmates; they don't form close interpersonal relationships with any one cat within the Clan, but they work to benefit AshClan as a whole. They are very patriotic and loyal to AshClan above all else and sell their life to it, and even any other hopes and aspirations, as they see it as their life's true purpose.
  • With GlassClan: Barbarians. Nightstorm views them as a selfish Clan chiefly focused on their hatred toward AshClan more than their actual duty to their Clan. They have no respect toward cats who consider a grudge more important than their Clanmates' wellbeing and the wellbeing of their Clan as a whole, and that is exactly how they believe GlassClan to view themselves. They only get along moderately well with their medicine cat, being sympathetic toward the medicine cat's role within the Clan.
  • With The Tribe: While Nightstorm does not view them with quite the same ire as GlassClan, they still look upon the elder of the Tribe with scorn, knowing that they abandoned their native Clans for their own selfish reasoning of a peaceful resolution for themselves rather than sticking up for what they truly believed in and trying to draw the others in to end their conflict. In other words, they believe the Tribe's elder members lack true fortitude. The younger members are left out of this bias against the Tribe and Nightstorm looks upon them the same way they would any other ordinary outsider.
  • With StarClan: Nightstorm is not someone to worship the ground that StarClan walked on. They see them the way they believe StarClan really is: dead cats who happen to have the ability to see into the future. Clanmates who joined the skies after battle; they respect them for their dedication, especially ex-AshClan, but they do not hold them any higher than living cats as far as wisdom is concerned. They will still listen to and seek their guidance, but generally on a more individual basis, with Wolfbelly, their previous mentor, being the StarClan member they hold the most fondness for. Nightstorm sees StarClan as relying on them to bring positive change to the Clan more than they rely on StarClan to do so.

  • Outsiders: Nightstorm leaves caring about that to the leader and deputy roles; it's not their place to determine if someone joins the Clan, and it's not their place to deal with outsiders in general. AshClan cats always take priority over outsiders, but Nightstorm will not be predisposed to treat them with hostility. They don't see any purpose in putting outsiders through a trial to prove their loyalty to the Clan should they be accepted in it; outsiders will simply passively be loyal if they want to be there.
  • Cross-Clan Relationships: While they aren't approving of cross-Clan relationships (they see it as a stupid decision, and it's a decision that could ultimately lead to liability within their native Clan), they do not act as though they have an authority on this matter and yet again will leave it up to the leader and deputy. The exception to this is if their apprentice becomes involved, in which case they will rebuke the apprentice and give them an ultimatum: they either end the cross-Clan relationship, convince the other Clan cat to join AshClan, or leave being their apprentice. As for kits, Nightstorm weighs this based purely on the benefit to AshClan; if they need more kits, they will hold the opinion to take the kits for AshClan. If AshClan seems feasibly unable to care for extra kits, leave them in the other Clan.
  • War and Alliances: It is not up to Nightstorm to declare war. It is up to the leader and deputy. That being said, Nightstorm doesn't believe in taking unnecessary risks in war and will say as much to the leader and deputy should they see the dispute as being costly more than helpful to AshClan's survival. In addition to this, Nightstorm has no opinion on alliances; generally alliances are helpful, and thus they don't care if the leader and deputy wish to negotiate them. Nightstorm believes pride to be ridiculous if it's possible to further the Clan's success by letting go of it.
  • The Code: Nightstorm does not hold the code with an infallible sanctity as others may. They will not break the code willy-nilly, but if they need to in order to ensure they do their job within the Clan properly, then by all means they will do so. They also don't really care if a medicine cat apprentice has a mate so long as it doesn't distract the apprentice from their duties.
  • Prophecies: Nightstorm knows that prophecies that are given from StarClan are from their interpretations of the future to come. If they believe these prophecies will lead to the downfall of AshClan, they will revolt against them. If not, they are likely to stew on the prophecy for a time yet in order to determine what it means. When they believe they have an idea, they will report to the leader first and then address the Clan about it if they find it prudent to do so.
  • Helping Others: Whether Nightstorm is so inclined to help other cats depends entirely on the situation. AshClan cats always come first before outsiders, and thus they will not help other cats if it would negatively impact AshClan in some way. That being said, Nightstorm is not a heartless cat, so if it's not out of their way to do so, they are willing to lend a paw to someone in need. In addition, they will never turn a deaf ear to kits. They do believe that minor situations are not worth their time to waste on helping. They will help if the situation could feasibly lead to AshClan's future benefit.

RP sample:
(Note: Non-canon. Designs used in here do not have to correlate with existing cats.)

It would be their luck, wouldn't it, to run into a soul in need during an herb run.

Nightstorm traveled along the gate-side, their nose close to the ground as they sifted through the bushels lined up near the edges. They'd already collected a few leaves within their teeth, plucked fresh from the ground in order to bulk up their stocks back at camp - they chose the gate because it tended to accumulate moss in addition to other herbs that they could not often find within the forest in itself. Spiders also liked to make their homes between the holes that pressed along the fence's walls, and although they did not spot any during this particular trip, it meant that webs became rather frequent, and having a few extra webs lying around made it easier for patching up wounds later. Currently, they already carried yarrow within their mouth from their brush within the forest, preferring to make one trip around the territory to get as many herbs as possible. It helped, too, to brush their scent along the edges, even if they did not operate as part of the patrols here.

They expected this pilgrimage to be entirely their own doing, so to see a small brown shape within the grass made their ears perk; and yes, admittedly, curiosity gathered within their eyes. Figuring that they would not be getting any answers simply standing off to the distance they trotted near the lump... Only to observe it to be a young warrior, and by the very clear stench the tom had on him, he was most certainly a GlassClan cat, one who stepped over the border that he was supposed to be on the other side of, with weakness in every hint of his body language as he remained close to the ground. Blood also made itself apparent to Nightstorm, and it didn't take much for the medicine cat to deduce that their chance encounter was injured.

A quick look around, and they believed they spotted the culprit: a piece of the fence, jagged, with fur and spots of blood clinging to it, and from the looks of it, very fresh blood. Somehow, the mouse-brain managed to get himself snagged on it, clearly not looking where he was going. What else could I expect from a GlassClan cat? For cats soooo well adjusted to the city, they sure as hell behaved as though they knew nothing about it...

They were tempted, at first, simply to turn a blind eye to it and just take these herbs back, counting their expedition along the border to be a failure as they discovered no new herbs that they wanted to use, but the pathetic wailing of the tom once he caught sight of them carved into their chest, and they allowed a throaty sigh past their clenched teeth; ordinarily they wouldn't let something like that sway them, but honestly, they were tired, and maybe this little act could help them feel like they accomplished something today. It could be awfully mentally taxing, looking all day long in leaf-bare for medicine only to turn up empty-pawed.

With that, they gave in and marched over to the mouse-brain with tail held high as they scoffed down at him, making it very clear that he was incredibly lucky they happened across him just now. "All right, all right," they grumbled, setting the yarrow down for a heartbeat. "Calm down, I'm going to treat you, quit your whining. Sheesh."

Thank the heavens above that he seemed to take a hint and quieted down. Nightstorm wasn't sure if they'd be able to concentrate if he spent the whole time making it sound like he was dying because he got his stupid leg clipped by a fence that didn't even move.

They nudged him hard with their muzzle, not caring about the yelp of pain that that brought them as a result of the sudden movement. "Hold your leg out so I can see it." He complied, and they inspected it by drawing their muzzle in close with a sniff, taking note of the way his fur was soaked and the long cut that appeared to be getting very red and very inflamed. "You have a mild infection," they informed him, because if he was so mouse-brained as to somehow get himself cut on the fence that both Clans knew was there, then he certainly wasn't smart enough to deduce what the swelling meant on his own, "and thankfully for you, I have yarrow on me. While I prepare it for you, look out for a cobweb so I can stop the bleeding."

Without waiting for an answer from him, they'd begun to take the leaf from the yarrow and took it in their mouth, chewing it so they could make it into a poultice for the wound. He'd demonstrated some sense when he did, in fact, begin to look for one. Once they believed it sufficient (they were able to tell based on the bitterness within their mouth), they approached him and without ceremony, spat the poultice into their paw in order to flatten it over the wound and rub it in. And of course, this one had to turn out to be a screamer. Excellent. "Are you a kit, or are you a warrior?" they snarked upon hearing it, which sometimes got them to shut up and sometimes it didn't, because if warriors had anything it was pride. Thankfully, he did shut his trap, and they gave him a huffed out, "Thank you," once they caught onto it. Maybe this warrior wasn't one of their worst patients.

That was kind of sad, considering he was a GlassClanner. Maybe he'd be better of not having his talents at listening wasted on a Clan who didn't want to hear anything but their own ego.

As they continued to rub it in, his shaky voice finally sounded out for the first time to make coherent words besides just random yowling in pain, "Er... I-I... I s-spotted a cobweb over there," he gestured with his nose, which Nightstorm followed with their eyes and ah, there it was. They must've missed that spot. "Th-thank you," he added softly.

Which they addressed with a dismissive flick of their tail before leaving him there. They heard a soft 'wait, where are you going' behind them, but they ignored that in order to grab a stick and then use it in order to wrap the cobwebs around it, disrupting it and thankfully, not managing to poke any actual spiders in the process; they didn't bother to explain because they believed it to be obvious, once he spotted what they were doing. They landed on all fours back on the ground again before trotting back over to his side, examining their handiwork with the poultice before deciding it good enough to apply the 'bandage'. "Stay still," they told him as they wrapped it around his leg, and despite some verbal wincing on his part, he did, in fact, remain still.

Once they managed to get it all fixed up, they backed off of him. "Don't put too much weight on it or you'll disrupt it. Stay off that leg for a while. Tell your medicine cat about it." And with that, their job was done here. They turned their back on him, ignoring his calls from behind to ask who they were and where they were going. None of that mattered. They did what they had to here.

They were going to have to pick up some more yarrow on the way back, but they had more herb-hunting to do, anyway. It wasn't the most unpleasant experience they'd had today, and they'd been in a forgiving mood, so hey. A cat in need, helped? Whatever. AshClan wasn't going to suffer because they spent a few minutes on one soul who didn't know how to take care of himself. Maybe after this he'd learn his lesson and pay more attention to his surroundings. They could afford a little leeway, what with AshClan doing pretty well so far this leaf-bare.

With that, they disappeared into the forest again, leaving a confused brown tom in their wake.

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 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 09:30 AM

with an audition received for ASHCLAN MEDICINE CAT we will give remaining members 7 DAYS (1/8/18) to express interest in auditioning or to finish any WIP bios/auditions before closing applications


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 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 01:59 AM

Link to bio: Juncothorn | AshClan Deputy

  • With AshClan: Juncothorn developed a relationship with his clan akin to uncertainty. He relates to the senior warriors of his clan more than the new faces of AshClan. It bothers him that the leader is so young, and his views are that of a developing being. Juncothorn approaches his clan with a high level of professionalism, but he isn't adverse to knowing every single of his clan. If anything, he is the type to do anything for his clan.
  • With GlassClan: Many moons ago, the cats were something like friends to AshClan. It was tragically broken when AshClan refused to leave the new territory. Juncothorn is rightfully negative towards the clan for killing his sister and driving away his brother, but the past is the past. If GlassClan chooses to hate them forever, that is their faulty prerogative. Juncothorn wishes to find any common ground with the clan, even if it means doing the unthinkable.
  • With The Tribe: When he thinks of the tribe, he thinks of his brother. One side of him wishes to stay frustrated with the tribe, because of their disloyalty to their mother clans, but another stays ambivalent towards them. They truly don't give him any reason to hate them.
  • With StarClan: Juncothorn couldn't be bothered with StarClan's dream and omen sharing. Until he sees them with his actual eyes, he will keep a lax view upon the holy clan.
  • Outsiders: Juncothorn is stuck in his own little paradox when it comes to outsiders. As his father was a loner himself, the tom wants to believe that he is ok with any newcomer joining the clan. But his cautious and cynical side warn him about the dangers of outsiders. It was a long-standing nursery tale about how outsiders can steal you away from the clan, and his mother had no problem telling it even when her own mate was an outsider. Only if a loner is seriously injured or in serious danger will Juncothorn truly consider letting others in. Besides that, no outsider will be entering under his watch (of course, the leader does have the final say, but that won't stop Juncothorn from convincing him otherwise).
  • Cross-Clan Relationships: Tricky, tricky subject. Juncothorn would most likely leave the punishment up to the leader and aptly so. He isn't meant to judge another cat's choice of companion. No one chooses who they fall in love with. However, he does believe the cat should leave the clan, just for the sake of their safety. Any resulting kits should be taken, too.
  • War and Alliances: Juncothorn is all in for peace within the clans. He doesn't fancy himself yet another war in his lifetime, so he will do whatever possible to de-escalate conflicts between the clans. Alliances should only be agreed upon if deemed necessary, but it isn't something Juncothorn would immediately jump on.
  • The Code: Would it be imprudent of him to insist some rules are meant to be broken? He isn't a stickler for tradition, even if it means chaos might run amok, so he can't really punish others if they do break certain codes.

RP sample:

For the morning in the throes of a wintery autumn, the wind ripped through thick strands of grey-and-white fur. The dirt covered in sleet crunched beautifully under four weary feet. The frigid atmosphere frightened the sun away, for the ball lingered low in the sky, trapped behind endless thin clouds.Juncothorn wandered near the metal fence terminating his territory. Just across was the land--or more suitable, concrete--dominated by the city felines. He could make out one, hanging out near the metal monsters and tall poles. They stared wearily onto the fence, face all different shapes and colors, eyes mismatched like their fur. Marveling they were, to keep an omniscient eye upon AshClan's park. A spark of long pleated mischief sang to him, urging him to tease the GlassClanner. His caution held a stronger voice in the matter, and Juncothorn barred himself from getting into trouble with the other.

His ears swiveled like they had a mind of their own, turning toward the sound of moving shrubs. His snout joined his intent ears a few heartbeats later when the rustling turned violent. He halted in his sauntering pace, eyes wide with a degree of fear. He wouldn't have admitted it otherwise, but fear did grip his heart for the moments he stared sharply at the shivering plant. A fox probably spotted him and intends to make him his meal. But the voices of familiar voices reach him before he bolted. He recognized the voice to belong to a pair of troublemaking apprentices, Jasminepaw and Daisypaw. No other older voice sounded between the two, and Juncothorn scoffed silently. Were the she-cats just out by themselves? How brainless of them. His head turned away. He nearly left the two to their own devices but the voices began to argue. The paw that wanted to lead him away cut midway in the air, his head turning yet again towards the bush.

"Come on, Jasmine... don't be stupid... you're not supposed to have a GlassClan..."

"Shh, Daisypaw... don't call me stupid... I make my own decisions..."

A sheepish grimace marked Juncothorn's face. He noted that he was hidden from the apprentices, just behind another solemn bush. The she-cats couldn't make him out with the mixture of strong scents from both clans. They were nearing their warrior promotions, and the tom felt a sliver of regret on behalf of Jasminepaw. Littlestar wouldn't be kind to this. Actually, the white tom would perhaps doom the she-cat to the Dark Forest out of spite. Then again, who could be so stupid to have a relationship with the enemy?

Like the confrontational and straightforward tom that is Juncothorn, his voice interrupted the apprentices' banter, "What are you two doing so far away from camp!"

Two startled gasps later, and Juncothorn approached the apprentices. They didn't dare hide. Daisypaw readily stepped forward but Jasminepaw hesitantly approached her friend. They both opened their mouths to defend themselves but Juncothorn saved them the trouble.

"I know that you two are close to promotion--and that must be really exciting--but you wouldn't want to give any reason to Littlestar to halt your warrior ceremony. Keep straight and don't get yourselves in trouble, ok? Not this close to your full names."

Jasminepaw shared an uneasy glance towards GlassClan. Daisypaw glared at her. Juncothorn thought it perfect to follow her gaze, but Jasminepaw was quick to stop him from doing so, "Hey! We're sorry. We won't get into any more trouble. Right, Daisypaw?"

Juncothorn stared back regardless, but the cat across from them disappeared. So that was why that cat was there. Juncothorn glanced between the two apprentice, a dismissive sound escaping his through, "Yeah, sure. Head back to camp, both of ya. Don't let me find you back here again, you understand?"
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 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 09:56 AM

with an audition received for ASHCLAN DEPUTY we will give remaining members 3 DAYS (1/11) to express interest in auditioning for this position before closing applications


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Link to bio: pinewhisker of ashclan (for deputy)

  • With AshClan: My clan means the world to me and is the reason for everything I do. I find the intentions of Littlestar to be noble and for the best of the clan, therefore I have a high respect for him as a cat and authority of the clan. However, i have seen much more in my life and I understand that he is rather inexperienced, therefore I am not ashamed to approach him and guide him in the direction I believe is right. He is his own cat and must learn his own lessons, but I will be there to support him every step of the way. My clan-mates can be stubborn and prickly when it comes to decisions, but I feel in due time, they will understand what's true and needs to be done. -- Overall, Pinewhisker is mellow and laid back with all his clan-mates, being as supportive as he can toward Littlestar to help him obtain a long, successful leadership.
  • With GlassClan: Glassclan was a light in the cave that saved Ashclan from dispersing and losing it's stability. It's hard to hold a boiling hatred to the cats that took us in when we needed the support. I was merely a kit when the fire took Oakclan and sent it to the city for comfort, therefore I cannot understand the situation that my ancestors had to troop through. I don't know the hospitality we were given, nor do I understand the extents if our cats took advantage. But, as it tends to be, my blood runs with an unfair rejection that forced my clan to struggle and find a new place to live, to thrive. We had to fight for what we wanted, that will not be forgotten. -- Overall, Pinewhisker holds hostility towards Glassclan, but silently has a strained respect to Cloudstar which helped his clan in a time of need. As much as he hates the situation and how it turned out, he knows she did what she could for them, but had to put her clan above all.
  • With The Tribe: When it comes to the Tribe, I am torn with my feelings. I understand why they left, they were scared and unsure of what was going to happen. However, the life of a warrior is to stand by your clan in times of good and bad, giving your life (and sometimes even your death) for your clan-mates. There is no doubt in my mind they acted out of fear, but we have to think about where their loyalty should have been and now where it is. I can't hate them, but I can't respect them. Therefore I sit here and have to shrug, unable to make a decision. -- Overall, Pinewhisker is simply neutral when it comes to the tribe. He doesn't respect their decisions and holds a slight anger and disappointment in their behaviors, but is not hostile or violent.
  • With StarClan: Throughout my life, Starclan has thrown me many curveballs and tested my faith now and again. By taking Petalpaw's life, I had a very strong resentment for a long time. However, I have never doubted their existence, nor their ability to look over the clans. I know they do their best, but at the end of the day, they are simply cats, just like you and I. They may have the stars in their pelts and can enter dreams, but they are no more miracle workers than the cats they look over. I will always turn to them in a time of struggle and when I need guidance, as I know they have always been there and always will be. -- Pinewhisker has always had a strong belief and relationship with Starclan. It has been tested moon after moon, but he stands by this belief and respect.

  • Outsiders: I do not agree with bringing newcomers into the clan, however, I do understand that desperate times call for desperate measures. If we are low on warriors (apprentices to become warriors) and the opportunity comes to increase our numbers for the benefit of the clan, I believe we would need to loosen this rule and do what is best for Ashclan. However, I do not find it appropriate to let any loner or kittypet on our border to join the ranks. Most cats do not understand the dedication and loyalty that comes with joining a clan, therefore I don't feel it is necessary to let in any curious kittypet or bored loner. Our blood runs deep with our ancestors and would whole-heartily prefer it stays that way.
  • Cross-Clan Relationships: Cross-Clan relationships should only be made and acted upon if they are in a time of crisis where the clans are aligned or if the relationship is between leaders and/or medicine cats. Under no circumstances should a cat from Ashclan lay with a cat outside of their borders. I cannot hold this grudge to any offspring that is created, as this is solely the act of their parents. Any forced relationships will be dealt with accordingly. However, I believe that any cat involved in this kind of affair should be banished by the Clan. If the kits are old enough to make their own decision, they may, but still have a home with Ashclan as they should not be punished for their parents actions. However, if they are too young and the cat of the betrayal is female, her kits should be sent with her.
  • Wars and Alliances: I would be content if the world and all it's life were at peace, however, that will never be the case. There are too many disputes to be had and cats that are too eager to sink their claws into the skin of their kin. I prefer to see to it that war is avoided at all costs. Border skirmishes and territory extensions are inevitable, as times change and boundaries should be forced upon when they are disrespected. However, I do believe an alliance should be at play if the clans are being threatened by a common enemy. Whether this being a natural disaster, return of the two-legs, or a predator, we should be able to join together and banish the threat, then resort back to our respected territory and relationships.
  • The Code: The code is there to see that all is fair and understood between the clans, which is why it was created in the first place. I don't believe that it was created by our ancestors to follow point by point, as a black and white scenario; but actually, a base-line, if you will, of how our lives should be regulated and managed. No cat's life is going to be as simple as black and white, yes or no. We are going to be tested and under some circumstances, the code may not be the best option to support the clan. As this is our life guideline, I would prefer that we follow the code as well as we can, and when times get touch or a crisis/emergency is at hand, a decision must be made to the benefit of the clan. This is what it all comes down to.
RP sample:

(All characters used in the story are meant for sample purposes, powerplays reserved for this post only)

The morning had been a long one, or at least it had felt that way to the deputy's bones. It seemed like every leaf-bare his body aged thirty-moons and he was one trip away from being locked into the elders den for the rest of his days. He had pulled himself out of his den with a couple of senior, well seasoned warriors and taken them to the graveyard just outside the borderlines. There had been strange scents lingering just inside the borders and cats had been spotting strange figures in the shadows. Not even a moon ago, an Ash patrol had been threatened to keep off Glass' territory, which had sent the patrol bristling back with an ambush glued in their minds. Pinewhisker knew there was no way his clan-mate's had crossed, especially when they too had been finding strange scents inside their borders. He had had to fight to convince his warriors that the Glass cat's had been so eager for a fight they couldn't remember what Ashclan warriors smelt like.

Eventually, he had managed to convince Littlestar to allow him some cats to venture out and follow the scent. Part of him wished he had passed it for a silly patrol of apprentices and young warriors that had carelessly wandered onto their territory, but unfortunately, he knew better. Then again, anything was better than what they had found at the cemetery. The group of four had split to different sections, staying within ear shot, but also covering all aspects of the land. They had spotted a group of at least twenty strange cats. They wore strange objects around their necks and torsos, items that looked foreign when placed on furry bodies. They were lanky, thin, most missing patches of fur, that were replaced with scars and burned flesh. It was beyond something Pinewhisker had ever seen and it was probably the first time he his veins had tinged with fear in more moons than he could count.

The deputy forced himself to swallow his nerves, shaking the fear off and regrouping his patrol. He couldn't let them sense his fear, bewilderment was different, but fear -- never. He would assure them all was fine and take the matter to Littlestar when he returned to the camp. He didn't need to stir up worry and concern until there was probable cause. And he could not determine that until he spoke with his leader.


As the patrol broke back into the camp, Pinewhisker sent his warriors to grab something to eat and relax before the sun was highest. It was still early, the dawn barely peeking over the horizon and the chill just as ripe in the air as the first day of leaf-fall. The bite of the cold had left his bones screaming with aches and pains, but he had no time to visit the medicine cat. Priority was to the strange cats and filling Littlestar in to what he has his patrol had found on the border. The deputy did his best to hide the limp in his step as he poked his nose into the den and called out to the other tom. When he was granted access, he stepped into the darkness, his face stone cold.

It was obvious something was wrong. No matter how hard he tried to be level and composed, he could tell by the look on Littlestar's face he had failed drastically. The tabby sighed, checking behind him to make sure all other cats were out of ear shot. When he was sure that the coast was clear, he sat on his haunches and met the tom's gaze. "There is a strange group of cats gathered in the place of stones. They match the scent that has been found inside both our and Glassclan's border." He meowed, his voice solemn, there was no point in dodging around the truth and trying to hide from the decision that lay at their paws. The leader sat silent for a while and Pinewhisker tried to quiet the racing of his heart and anxiety that rose in his chest.

Finally, the cream-based tom spoke up. "How many?" Was the simple question, his gaze silently pleading the deputy that he didn't have to do what they both knew would have to be done. Pinewhisker dropped his head for a moment, trying to gather his words and bring them to a grouping that would make the truth bearable, but he knew there was no point. "Twenty at least. May be more, but their camp had nearly two dozen." He paused, but he knew the leader's next question by the look in his eyes. "Strong, toned warriors. I didn't see any elders or kits." Littlestar frowned and the older tabby could feel his frustration and confusion. But, Pinewhisker had done all he could, this was a decision Littlestar needed to make and there was no wisdom or guidance his deputy could give him to ease the hostility to their neighbors.

This time, the silence sat a lot longer. The tension was heavy on the tabby's shoulders, but he sat silent, waiting for Littlestar to decide and give him the next direction to go in. "Fetch Rimefeather and Beaverclaw, we will need to head toward Glassclan's camp." The reply came and it took Pinewhisker a few heartbeats to let that reply sink in. Beaverclaw was getting older and she had come with him on the first patrol, she would need to rest. Then again, was it smart to bring two well-trained warriors to a border to request patrol to the camp? He thought on it, setting his words before he spoke up. "What about Leafpaw? She's fresh, but she is young and clever. She would look less intimidating than two full warriors. We don't want to threaten or antagonize Chalkstar or his warriors, especially when we are about to ask entrance to their territory when they believe we are the ones frequenting over their border." He took a breath, glancing over the cream leader's gaze as he waited for an out lash for questioning his decision, but none came.

Instead, the other tom cast his gaze to the ground, then to the camp where the cats were starting to rise and greet each other in the crisp, morning air. It pained Pinewhisker to see him look so defeated, but there was nothing else they could do. Littlestar didn't meet his gaze as he replied - "Gather them, have them eat, we leave at sun-high." The leader brushed past him, his tail slightly drooped as he exited the den, leaving Pinewhisker alone with his thoughts. The deputy knew these cats might mean no harm, but it was better to confront the situation early before it got worse. Even in the least, be ready to meet them and establish that they were not welcome on this land. With a grunt of effort, he hitched himself to his paws, catching Rimefeather by the gaze as he exited, beckoning him over with a swish of the tail. It was now or never.

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Congratulations to PINEWHISKER for the position of AshClan deputy! Please edit his bio accordingly to show his new rank. Thank you both for the auditions!

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