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 CURRENT EVENTS, plot timeline
 Posted: Dec 17 2016, 01:49 AM

Past and Current
*timeline goes from bottom to top

2 moons ago Hawkstar, AshClan's new leader, is found on the edge of AshClan territory mauled by an animal. Littlestar takes his place.

4 moons ago Frogstar, AshClan's leader, passes away from old age. Hawkstar takes his place.

17 moons ago Lionwing, AshClan's deputy, is found dead on the border of AshClan and GlassClan. Hawkclaw takes his place.

18 moons ago Foxtail, AshClan's deputy, retires. Lionwing takes his place.

31 moons ago Rubystar, GlassClan's leader, passes away from illness. Chalkstar takes his place.

47 moons ago Emissaries from the three groups are sent out to test the waters and speak of peace. The leaders of the two Clans, along with She Who Hunts Mice, Rat Runner, and Climbs With Squirrels, meet for the first time since the battle to negotiate. They decide that the three groups will follow the ancient traditions of meeting for Gatherings and that medicine cats (and head healer) will continue meeting with StarClan every half-moon.

48 moons ago In honor of the fire that drove them from their home and led them to the city, OakClan declares themselves "AshClan", symbolizing that they were being born again from the ashes.

49 moons ago The in-between cats declare themselves as "The Tribe," and come up with their own traditions and are visited by StarClan. She Who Hunts Mice, a small she-cat, is chosen as leader of the Hunters. Climbs With Squirrels is elected as the leader of the Healers. Rat Runner, a dark coated male, is chosen as the leader of the Fighters.

50 moons ago A massive fight breaks out between GlassClan and OakClan, leaving both sides bloody and bruised. The in-between cats group together and retreat underground into the subways and the sewers during the fighting, not wanting to participate in the battle. The fight spreads out over a moon, but in the end OakClan wins their right to stay in the city. They establish their own territory in the park and surrounding area, while GlassClan retreats back into their abandoned buildings. Cloudstar dies in battle. Rubystar takes her place.

51 moons ago The in-between cats from both sides who want peace begin growing in number. Tensions continue to rise, hostilities continue to build between the three groups, and unity begins to look less and less hopeful. OakClan has already stayed well past their welcome and shows no sign of wanting to leave.

53 moons ago GlassClan allows the newcomers to stay and heal with the expectation of them heading out after they got back on their feet. However, over time it becomes clear that OakClan has other intentions. Frogstar claims that the city is more than big enough for them both to share. Cloudstar disagrees, saying that the OakClan cats were taking advantage of their hospitality and that the city was their rightful home, as it had been for countless moons before. A few cats from both sides begin mingling, making friends, quietly agreeing that perhaps joining Clans would be the best solution for all.

54 moons ago After a long journey that claims many lives, including their leader Rainstar, the cats of OakClan discover the city. Under the new leadership of Frogstar, they come seeking refuge and a new home.

55 moons ago A few miles away from the city lives a group of cats called OakClan. During a storm, lightning strikes close to their camp. This sparks a fire that quickly blazes out of control and drives the cats from their home. They are forced on a journey to find new territory.

63 moons ago A white she-cat by the name of Cloudstar becomes the leader of GlassClan.

.... 536 moons ago The cats begin to group together in one big colony. Together, they learn to hunt, fight, and mend their wounds. A dream is sent to a cat by the name of Rocky, showing him cats made out of stardust and mystery. "StarClan," the cats call themselves. They tell Rocky that he is to be the first leader of these cats, and that he needs to appoint a deputy and medicine cat. They tell him of Clan traditions, and that these were to be followed for countless moons to follow. StarClan then grants Rocky his nine lives, and deems the new group "GlassClan" after their window-filled home.

535 moons ago The kittypets who were left behind begin to venture out into the now-empty city.

540 moons ago "The sickness" spreads among the human population, wiping them all out in a matter of two years. The city is abandoned.

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